is a sustainably engineered, multi-stage remediation treatment that uses aeration to rapidly remove target PFAS contaminants.

Superior Performance

SAFF®    is a physical separation process using semi-continuous batch foam fractionation for PFAS remediation, with removal levels exceeding 99.9999% for ≥ C6 and above and > 99% for most short chain PFAS chemistries.

Minimum Waste

SAFF®   rapidly achieves PFAS concentration factors of up to 3.5M times, enabling effective pairing with portable destruction technologies for onsite closed loop remediation.

Plug and Play

A modular, containerized PFAS remediation solution for rapid onsite deployment and commissioning.

Heavy Lifter

is a robust technology that is unaffected by the presence of co-contaminants, even at high concentrations.



Efficient and Environmentally responsive 

The SAFF® units are power efficient and use no chemicals or absorbent media like GAC or resin, representing the most cost-effective and proven way for a site to treat PFAS impacted waters.

RAPID Commision 

SAFF® is a genuine plug and play design that once on site can be operational within a few hours. It simply requires a power lead and the connection of 3” influent, recirculation and effluent hoses to commence stripping surface active PFAS like PFOS, PFOA, PFNA and PFHxS down to below the limits of reporting (1ppt). 


Based around a high cube ISO shipping container, SAFF® is a robust and low maintenance PFAS water treatment plant, purpose designed for portability. For permanent installations, SAFF® can be mounted on skids and integrated into site buildings.


If your site requires a higher treatment capacity, the containerised SAFF® units are designed to be joined in parallel until they collectively meet your site’s needs. Alternatively, skid mounted SAFF® vessels can be integrated in a wide variety of configurations within a building envelope.



SAFF20 offers a convenient containerised PFAS water treatment plant that suits many lower flow sites. Housed in a 40’ shipping container, the system is the perfect choice for smaller water treatment projects with short to medium term timeframes. 

The SAFF20 unit includes an enclosed weatherproof field office for staff to prepare samples and document the day’s activities, along with a control room and equipment storage area.  

The SAFF20 is a low maintenance, plug and play system that can be operating within minutes of arriving on site.  Its intuitive remote telemetry system means that it requires minimal on-site operator supervision. 

  • Capable of treating up to 20m3/hr. 
  • Configured with two primary SAFF vessels and one secondary SAFF vessel.  
  • Conveniently housed in an easily transportable 40’ shipping container (12.2 x 2.4m footprint).  
  • Lowest OPEX of any PFAS remediation technology.  
  • No consumables, such as IX Resin or GAC, are required.  
  • No solid waste produced. Concentrated PFAS is the only by-product of the process.  
  • Easily manages cross contamination, high organic and sediment loads, with no reduction in efficiency.   
  • Includes integrated site office, control room and spare parts storage area. 
  • Plug and play, self-bunded system which can be operating within minutes of arrival to site.  
  • Delivered to site using standard container handling vehicles, cranes or forklifts. 
  • High grade remote telemetry system means minimal operator presence on site.



SAFF40 is the compact workhorse in the SAFF fleet. The containerised solution provides high flow-through capabilities within a portable footprint. The SAFF40 suits the majority of PFAS impacted sites including landfills and source zone contamination areas. 

  • Capable of treating up to 40m3/hr. 
  • Configured with four primary SAFF vessels and two secondary SAFF vessels.  
  • Conveniently housed in an easily transportable 40’ shipping container (12.2 x 2.4m footprint).  
  • OPEX is many times lower than conventional treatment technologies.  
  • No consumables required (no IX Resin or GAC).  
  • No solid waste produced. Highly concentrated PFAS is the only by-product of the process.  
  • Can manage all contaminated water types from drinking water through to landfill leachates and sewerage. 
  • Covered workstation for sample preparation and paperwork.  
  • Highest throughput, lowest treatment cost containerised system available.  
  • Plug and play, self-bunded system can be operating within minutes of arrival to site. 
  • Delivered to site using standard container handling vehicles, cranes or forklifts. 
  • High grade remote telemetry system means minimal operator presence on site.

Five frequently asked questions:

Why is the concentration step so important in your PFAS remediation treatment offering?

Concentration is important as it reduces the overall volume of PFAS waste, making destruction easier and more economical. SAFF® can achieve concentration factors of 3.5M times. For every Olympic sized pool of water that SAFF® treats, it generates around a coffee cup of PFAS hyper-concentrate. 

How does SAFF® compare to PFAS remediation technologies that use adsorbents such as GAC and resin?

Both technologies work effectively at stripping PFAS from water, but only SAFF® generates zero waste (other than PFAS), meaning that clients can achieve environmental benchmarks and do not have to deal with the disposal of secondary waste  

My site has high PFAS contamination levels. Does this mean I require a more extensive treatment?

No, it doesn’t. Regardless of the PFAS concentration levels, SAFF® performs efficiently and effectively, with consistently low treatment costs.  

My site has a complex mix of other chemistries in the PFAS impacted waters. Will SAFF® still work?

Yes, it sure will. Because of the infinite capacity of the bubble surface to harvest PFAS compounds, it is not adversely affected by other chemistries or surface-active products being present in the treatment waters. 

Does the SAFF® system require a lot of maintenance or the presence of a permanent operator?

No, the SAFF® contains some very clever remote telemetry capabilities which means that most problems can be dealt with from the control room of our 24/7 technical team.

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